domingo, 28 de junio de 2009


The first book on pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) in the Spanish language has been published in Argentina . Christina Serediak is the author, a full color illustrated book on this ancient and symbolic Ukranian folk art.

There are books on pysanky in English, French, German, Portuguese and , of course, Ukrainian. Now Spanish-speakers can learn about this exquisite folk art as well as learn how to write pysanky. The Spanish text is supplemented by an introduction in Ukranian by Vira Manko of Lviv, Ukraine, author of the best-selling The Urainian Folk Pysanka (Lviv, Svichado,2005). The book contains the history of pysanky and their tradition, their symbolism, photo gallery, the story of Ukraine, the designs from various regions of Ukraine, the technique and restoration, and legends and folklore of the pysanka. This is a great book not only for the first time pysanka writer, but also for the scholar.

Softcover,104pages,illustrated. The book was sponsored by the Institute of Culture Education under the auspices of Ukranian Patriarch Josyf Slipyj. Designed by Roberto A. Forte, and photographed by Marieta Vazquez. Schools and cultural institutions in the Spanish-speaking world will be interested in obtaining this book on a special and revered symbol of Ukrainian culture.

Christina Serediak of Choele Choel, provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina is a pediatrician by profession. She is the daughter of Ukrainian inmigrants to Argentina, publisher and author Julian Serediak and teacher Anna Dubyniak. Christina has nourished the rich heritage passed on to her by her parents, and shares her skill with students in Argentinian schools and participates in cultural events.

Orysia Tracz (Toronto, Canada)


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